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Check these high quality features on our full line of FHP Bushed and BTS also Variable Pitch Sheaves and Poly V Sheaves.

CUSTOM METALLURGY  SST Sheave quality control begins in our foundry.  Here the molten metals are custom mixed, using the best available materials for each SST Sheave casting – based on the Sheave diameter type, number of grooves, rim speed, drive application and other factors.  Custom metallurgy determines the right grey iron formula to use for each Sheave that is cast in our overseas foundries.

PRECISION MACHINED  All SST Sheaves are precision machined.  The grooves are machined to exact specification so that every V-Belt will seat correctly and carry its equal share of the total load, thus assuring maximum belt life.  Every rim is precision machined, so that all rim dimensions are concentric with the bushing bore.  Precision machining of the tapered bore in the hub of the Sheave rim and the tapered mating surface of the bushing insure a snug, perfect fit between the rim and bushing for every assembled Sheave.

ACCURATE STATIC BALANCE  Every SST Sheave is accurately balanced by precision static balance testing equipment.  Where vibrations are unusually severe, dynamic balancing is also available.

POWDER COAT FINISH  All SST Sheaves are given a long lasting, baked powder coat resistant     protective finish.

REVERSE MOUNT  – 3 drilled holes and 3 tapped holes.  This permits mounting the Sheave in either of two positions – the normal mounting position, with the bushing head located toward the bearing, or the reverse mounting position, with the bushing head outside.  No matter which way the Sheave is installed, the cap screws are always inserted from the outside, where they are easily accessible.

STANDARDIZED, INTERCHANGEABLE, READILY AVAILABLE SHEAVES AND BUSHINGS  All SST non-Conveyor Stock Sheaves conform to standardized dimensions and to industry standard Sheave types which are endorsed jointly by the members of the Mechanical Power Transmission Association and the Rubber Manufacturers Association.  This means that any SST Stock Sheave may be interchanged with the same size stock Sheave that is produced by any of the other Sheave manufacturers. 

TWO SET SCREWS  All bored to size SST Sheaves come standard with one set screw over the key and one at 90°.